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Outdoor sofa

Outdoor sofa

Decorate your outdoor area with a weather-resistant patio sofa. What a wonderful thing to be bathed under the sun and enjoy the night view under the stars!

Enrich your outdoor activity

The outdoor sofa is very suitable for outdoor activities. It allows us to chat with friends more easily and comfortably without worrying about quarreling neighbors.

Enjoy your life with family

In summer, it can be used with an outdoor gazebo so that you can spend leisure time under the shade of the roof. If it is autumn or winter, in the warm sun, sitting on an outdoor sofa and chat with family while drinking coffee, it is a fantastic thing. You can also have a 20-minute nap alone and enjoy your private space.

The highlight of YITAHOME outdoor sofa

YITAHOME’s patio sofa is equipped with a coated iron steel frame inside and PE rattan on the outside. With a solid and durable structure, you can place it in the courtyard without any worry.