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Coffee table

Coffee table

Whether it is the home or office area, when you need more space, a coffee table is undoubtedly one of the best solutions. It not only beautifies your living room, but also makes the space more refined. Unfold it when you use it, and take it back when you don’t want to use it. It plays a decorative role and adds a kind of interactive fun to your room.

Lift top coffee table with storage

The coffee table is most in line with the overall style of the living room, so its shape should be harmonious. YITAHOME Lift top coffee table bears adjustable height, which allows you to raise or lower it easily. The spacious storage space allows you to store any small items you want. Also, its special design is visually in harmony with the sofa and surrounding furniture. 

Mid century modern coffee table

The design of mid century modern coffee table is unique and novel with inclined legs and smooth tabletops, and it can add charm to any room. The brown wood tone contrasts sharply with the unique drawers and becomes the central focus of the living room. You can place a golden lamp on the top to all a sense of retro feeling to the room.

The living space doesn’t mean sharp corners and smooth lines, especially when you want to show your own style. This coffee table solves this problem by placing it next to the sofa, and it can create a soft atmosphere.

Rustic coffee table

YITAHOME rustic coffee table is simple in style without extra decorations, bringing a warm atmosphere to the room. It can be decorated with tablecloths to create a casual feeling and completely match the style of the room.

The coffee table can show your personality and unique style. It reflects the style of the living room while making your living room more elegant!