How to Buy Furniture Wholesale?

Buying wholesale furniture for resale is a profitable business. Retailers can cut a high cost by purchasing furniture at wholesale prices. Without a doubt, you must know that manufacturers and suppliers are the best way to wholesale your furniture. The key is how to choose reliable wholesale furniture companies. YITAHOME  wholesale website is such a professional wholesale furniture supplier, focusing on indoor and outdoor furniture wholesale. We have compiled a guide on how to buy furniture wholesale for you.

How to buy furniture wholesale directly from suppliers?


Step 1

Identify the furniture you want to buy and start screening for the right wholesaler. The best way is to get wholesale furniture online from some big websites. First, ask for a card from wholesale furniture suppliers who meet the requirements, generally having the height, width, and manufacturer’s information on the furniture. Additionally, you can write down the SKU number on the product’s hanging card.

Step 2

Call the supplier or ask online about the preferential price of buying furniture wholesale so you can compare prices. Please ask carefully about the weight of the furniture you need to wholesale and the shipping cost per quotation. Before deciding where to buy wholesale furniture, try contacting your local trucking company and ask about the cost of shipping a specific quantity and weight of product from wholesale furniture suppliers to your home. This way, you can see if the manufacturer’s shipping quotes are inflated and exaggerated.

Step 3

Ask the wholesaler or distributor for shipping terms. For example, what is the down payment ratio of buying wholesale furniture, and how to pay the final balance of the goods? Most wholesale furniture companies will require a 50% down payment, but a few will charge 25% of the product price plus the balance on delivery. In addition, your furniture may be damaged in transit, which will involve compensation issues. Therefore, it is necessary to find out whether the wholesaler is the responsible person or the carrier.

Step 4

The delivery company will usually call you 24 hours before the day the furniture arrives. They need to ship as much furniture from different customers as possible on the same line. Please make sure you are home on delivery, or your furniture will be sent back to the wholesaler. And you also have to wait for another 8 to 12 weeks or be charged a 25% restocking fee.