9 Ways To Refresh Your Living Room

How to decorate the living room to show more personality? If you feel that your living room layout is monotonous and boring, here are 9 ways for you to make it impressive!

1.Renovate windows

A simple and effective way to make the living room look modern is to paint the window frames darker than the walls.

2.Show your personality

Try to make the style of the living room show your taste and thoughts. Put your favorite collection on a bookshelf, of course, you can also use it to display your favorite books, decorations, and green plants. This not only shows your personality but also makes conversation easier when there are visitors.

3.Be creative

You don’t need to spend too much money to buy art in order to make the room artistic. You can decorate a wall mounted bookcase, or paste photos or landscapes.

4.Novel idea

Sometimes, we should do something different. The dark brown fabric sofa and the peculiar patterned pillows make the room look unique.

5.Create a theme

The fastest way to give a room character is to choose a theme or style. The light-colored sofa, white table and green plants make the room look simple and tidy.

6.Use light skillfully

Use lighting to reconcile a mood in the room. Small lanterns are a simple and cheap way. Hang it on the mirror, bookcase or door frame to add a lively and joyful atmosphere.

7.Use color boldly

Boldly coloring the room can create a wonderful feeling. The 3 pillows of different colors bring the room a lot of fun.

8.Decorate with green plants

The plants can quickly create a natural and approachable atmosphere for the living room. The palm trees in the house are very eye-catching. Also, potted plants are generally easier to grow, but you need to water them frequently.

9.Incorporate into the country style

The country style is now becoming more and more popular, and the lift-top coffee table can fully reflect it. In most time, simplicity is also an incomparable beauty